Monday, September 12, 2011

Educational Websites

Welcome to my blog! I love including technology in my lessons every day. So, for my first post, I am going to list some of my favorite educational websites. Here goes...
At my school we are using the Starfall Kindergarten Curriculum. This companion website is awesome! My students love going to this website during their computer time and learning about letter names, letter sounds, and so much more!
I just stumbled across this website this past weekend while browsing for lesson ideas. Public school teachers can sign up for a free account which allows you to enroll your students individually, or as five groups. You can create assignments for each student/group to complete, and keep track of their progress. Differentiation at its best!
This website has many many games for practicing early literacy skills. There are also online books and nursery rhymes that are great to pull up and display on your ActivBoard, or similar device. One of my favorite sections is the "Road to Reading" which can be used to introduce the letters of the alphabet.

I realized as I was typing these that all of these sites are literacy sites. Does anyone out there know of any really great math websites for kindergarten students? If so, I'd love for you to leave a link in the comments below! I am excited to get this blog rolling, and I hope that someone out there will benefit from it the way I have from so many others.


  1. I don't have good sources for Kindergarten-sorry! Your new blog looks awesome! I love dreamworks magic!

    I had to share that we're almost neighbors. I teach 3rd grade in Walker County, GA.

  2. We are pretty close to each other! Thanks for commenting. I love this theme. It was hard to pick one. I liked them all!