Thursday, December 8, 2011

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things...

Okay. I have three things to blog about tonight. First, I wanted to share this awesomely easy DIY ornament that we made today.

The ingredients:

Yes, that is floor cleaner. I got it at Wal-Mart. You will also need clear glass ornaments and...GLITTER!!! I love all things glitter, don't you?

Follow this link to see how to make them:

Here is a pic of how ours turned out. We used "chunky kid glitter" and I think they turned out just fine. My kiddos and I are in love with our ornaments!

On to #2...
I purchased a license from so I can share things with you guys that I make with their clipart. To celebrate, I made a graphing activity to go along with There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bell. I included an "I Can" chart so you can use it in a Math Station. Just click the pic below to grab it :) Please leave me a comment if you download it!

 On to #3...
I was surprised to find this little treat in my Inbox from Emily Shell at Ms. Emily Shell a few days ago...


The Sunshine Award rules are...
1. Thank the person who gave this award and write a post about it.
2. Answer the following questions below.
3. And pass the award to 10 fabulous bloggers, link their blogs and let them know you awarded them.

* Favorite Color? Green
* Favorite Animal?  Dogs. I have a Terrier mix, Bentley, that we rescued from a local shelter earlier this year. I couldn't resist sharing a pic of him with y'all...
* Favorite Number? 7
* Favorite Drink? Mountain Dew (it wakes me up every morning)
* Facebook or Twitter? Facebook
* Your Passion? God, my family & friends, and of course...TEACHING!!!
* Giving or Getting Presents? Both
* Favorite day? Friday. I love knowing that Saturday is right around the corner :)
* Favorite flowers? Roses (not red ones)
Here are the blogs I am passing the award on to:

Thanks again Emily!


  1. I never knew you could use floor cleaner for the ornaments!! Here I was, ready to buy five bottles of that glue stuff the craft store sells for $5 a pop! Thanks for the tip :)

    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  2. Very cute blog Mrs. Bailey! I saw that you are a new follower of my blog and now I'm a new follower of yours :) GO Kindergarten!

    Miss Kindergarten
    Target Treasures

  3. Hi Jenna! I gave you a New Blogger Award! Please go by my blog to pick it up! I love these beautiful ornaments!

  4. You are SOO welcome, Jenna!! love your blog and all your AWESOME ideas! Keep em' comin' !! :) LOVE,LOVE,LOVE the glitter ornament!!! How fun!

  5. Thanks so much for the shout out Jenna! I love your graphing freebie too - I only have 3 more days of school until our break, but I'm thinking I might have to squeeze it in somehow!

    Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten

  6. Hi Jenna! Just happened upon your blog post tonight & noticed the Sunshine Award for me! Thanks so much!!! And congrats for yours as well :)
    Mrs. Bremer’s Kindergarten

  7. I want your sweet little dog!!!! precious!
    I am going to copy you and take a pic or 10 of my dogs in front of the tree!

  8. I am your newest follower and LOVE your blog! I will definitely use this graph next year....TOO, TOO, TOO cute. Thank you so much for sharing this and your other wonderful activities! I would love for you to come check out my blog!

  9. I grab a copy of "The Old Lady" activities you have! I love the game! Thanks so much for your help!